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Judi Bola The Microstar Lab Offering Cliental Timely Testing Solutions Through Their Microbiology Laboratory

Judi Bola The Microstar Lab Offering Cliental Timely Testing Solutions Through Their Microbiology Laboratory

Across a broad array of industries, testing facilities ensure that products are market-ready. This is a vital manufacturing component; therefore organizations require the expertise of a known specialist within the field of microbiological testing in order to ascertain the product’s market viability and structural quality for seamless integration within specific industry environments. Within this field, one company stands out for their first-class solutions, cutting-edge microbiology laboratory and steadfast to commitment to quality assurance.

Crystal Lake, Illinois based, The MicroStar Lab is an industrial biological lab dedicated to providing high quality testing to their clients. While they originally specialized in microbiological tests for paper, paint and building materials, the company’s product suite has evolved to include mold resistance testing – a specialized field in which they are now considered one of the country’s leading specialists. At The MicroStar Lab’s microbiology laboratory, the company’s specialists can conduct testing for all known types of fungus resistance in products designed for a plethora of industries. While MicroStar’s suite of testing services offers clients a wide array of advantages over their competitors, such as lower failure control rates, reduced variability, additional internal controls and NIST traceable standards for humidity and pressure, the company’s most prominent strength lies in the ability to offer their clients consistent results through their testing capabilities. The MicroStar team have a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in conducting microbiological testing. They have identified the parameters that can impact the results of their tests and have refined their testing techniques in order to narrow the range of conditions in which the tests are conducted, thus ensuring a superior level of testing consistency to that offered by other industry specialists. As an organization, MicroStar is known for its ability to work directly with cliental in meeting their precise testing requirements. The company’s in-house specialists are adept at helping cliental to determine which types of tests are required for their applications and products. In order to assure their clients a full-suite of innovative services, MicroStar also has the capability to create new methods of product testing designed specifically for the individual client’s product. The company is one of the most productive testing organizations in the field. In just the last year, the scientists within the MicroStar facility conducted over 6,000 ASTM D3273 tests within the company’s microbiology laboratory. These tests help to determine the level of mold resistance in a sample product. The standards set by MicroStar within this area go beyond those of their industry competitors. Within their ASTM D3273 testing process, the company has consistently achieved failure control rates of less than 1%. This level of success is derived from the company’s highly innovative in-house resources. Their microbiology laboratory technicians have an exceptional amount of experience in a wide array of industries, and thus they can create specific tests for a wide breadth of products. These tests can then be utilized to prove the inherent strength within a client’s product. MicroStar also offers superb teleconferencing capabilities to connect clients with the company’s testing specialists and ensure an open and forward-thinking approach in which both parties are able work together within the testing process. To gain access to first-class testing facility and in-house experts that are completely dedicated to the success of their customers’ products, make The MicroStar Lab your full-service testing partner. About The MicroStar Lab: Headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, The MicroStar Lab specializes in testing products for resistance to mold, and has become one of the world’s foremost testing organizations within this industry niche. For more information about the company, and the products and services they offer, please visit Microstarlab.

For more information about The MicroStar Lab, Microbiology Laboratory, visit them online at There, you can read about all the services they provide and find out how to contact them to see which mode of testing would be most effective for your unique circumstances. For more information, please visit

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